The Cattle


Our Red Angus cattle are polled and homozygous red.  They are a popular breed as they are quite docile and very easy to handle.


We started with the purchase of 12 commercial heifers and 4 registered heifers in 2010.  The 10 Heifers were AI to ‘Above And Beyond’ and the remaining 6 were put to ‘Coco Eben’, our registered Red Angus Bull purchased from Boote Hill.


The herd has since doubled in size and we now have 30 cows/heifers. A new Bull Hercules (3rd in his class Sydney Show) has just been purchased from Pine-Villa Stud.


There are now young Bulls for sale, both Commercial and Registered that have been bred on the property.


To enquire, please contact us via the website or by phone.

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